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Personal Motivation, Business Strategy, and Spirituality

What’s Your Reason?

If you set a goal that resonates, it will move through you, carrying with it a noticeable energy that strengthens your intention.    On the other hand, if your goal keeps finding its way onto the to-do list, then you've likely chosen it because of responsibility.   ...

Defining Your Fears

The first step in defining your goals is defining your fears. Yet it's the last thing we feel like doing. Most of the time the easy choice in life is the most difficult. It’s easier to watch a show than it is to read a book. It takes less effort to walk around the...

Be The Creation

When you create a state of belief, you create a state of being, and that is the energy we pick up on. Show us what you want to be.        

Gain Or Loss

What if we stop seeing change in terms of gain or loss, and instead consider it a decision to do something different. Imagine how powerful we would be if we used emotions to make the original decision, but once we take it on, the spout gets turned off. Doubt would no...

Work. The Four Letter Word

A job is different than work and work should not be considered a four letter word. Your work is not the same as going to work. One is a contribution, the other is a requirement. The contribution of your work is what makes you feel alive, but not as long as you...

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