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You want to go out and create change in the world, but don't feel like it's an option.

We make a plan to get you there.

I believe that we set our own limits in business and it’s 100% due to the fact that we base everything on a belief system that served us well at one point, but is now not up to the standards of what the new business version of our self requires.
Part of the reason we do this is sub-consciously we don’t like to do things different because it feels unsafe. The brain says, hey you’ve been safe and mostly happy up to this point so why change now?
In order to get to the next level in business we need to be someone different than we are right now. Otherwise, if this wasn’t the case, we’d be there already.
And this is the biggest place where I see people getting stuck.
Year after year people repeat the same patterns, maybe learn a new thing or two, but never really getting to the place they imagine. They sign up for more classes or download more online tools, but all this does is continue the float them on the surface. It’s eating away time when they could be doing the real work.
Compound all of this with the financial stress of running a business and, in most cases, not putting away enough for retirement and then you’ve got yourself a hot mess.
Then what happens is…they blame it on the idea. Then another (better) idea comes along and the cycle repeats! Ugh. No wonder people are so frustrated. They are afraid. And the fear of not having enough money is real. Plus…what else will they do with their life if the business doesn’t work?
The only things that breaks this cycle is when people are willing to step into the new version of who they need to be in order to achieve their goals.
But how can we figure out what we need to change if we don’t even know what limiting beliefs we are bringing to the table right now? Unless we have someone to call us on our own bullshit, it’s almost impossible to shine the light on our own flaws. We need someone to ask….what are your beliefs really protecting you from and are they serving you or working against you?
This is where I start with people. Once these questions are answered, it clears the path for new beliefs that are empowering instead of dis-empowering. The next stage is re-defining what they want in life and business, but this time it’s from a new vantage point.
This is where the money conversation comes in. We direct income in more strategic ways and then put the new plan on autopilot. This type of clarity and direction builds confidence and helps keep them on track. It also allows them to concentrate on the inspired action steps necessary in order to get what they want.
I find that when life and business are working towards the same goal, you can get there much faster and with a lot less stress, because you aren’t questioning yourself every step of the way. It’s what I did for myself and it’s one of the best things I ever did.
Pretty soon we won’t need a doctor anymore, a machine will tell us everything that’s wrong internally. But more and more we’re gonna need our own personal bullshit caller. Because it’s a mental game to achieve success and it requires us to be the best version of who we are.