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In todays world, revenue is directly related to impact

We make sure you’re clear on what you are doing and why

Founder of Financial Story, LLC

The hardest part about owning a business isn't doing what you're good at, it's putting the pieces together in a strategic way that results in both business and personal success. After spending more than a decade as a financial executive in a multi-million dollar firm, I now help businesses find their edge and use the additional income to create the life they want. I combine the "getting out of your own way" part with real finance. Imagine if you had a solid growth plan in 2019 AND you truly believed you could make it happen.


There are so many people aimlessly offering action to compensate for a strategy they haven't yet aligned with.

Money Mindset

At Financial Story we understand that while money is about return on investment, it's also about mindset. The beliefs you established throughout your lifetime drive big decisions and could be keeping you at the same level of revenue year after year. The way you will finish on top in 2019 is to build a real strategy that includes both smart investing and the new version of you that can reach their goals.'s not about what your business is today. It's about who YOU need to become in order to lead your business tomorrow.

Find Freedom in Work

The greatest level of freedom anyone can experience is doing work based on intention. Creatives feel this, but often get trapped in the intricacies of how to run a business.

We show you how to uncover opportunities by leveraging what you do best. We also look at what works now and help you pinpoint what needs to change in order to step into your new and improved Financial Story.


"Within 3 months of completing this program my revenue increased by 37% which is amazing. If I had to recommend this program to anyone, I'd tell them how much stress it relieved in my life. Also the confidence gained, the financial knowledge, and clarity it brought to both my wife and I is well worth the money!"

Patrick K., Owner of an equestrian business
April 2018

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Remember, we're here to help you re-write the Financial Story you've always dreamed of.

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Most people believe struggling is more noble than succeeding.
Jen Sincero
Author & Public Speaker

Financial Freedom

A true soldier fights not because he hates what’s in front of him, but because he loves what’s behind him.
GK Chesterton
Writer, Poet, Philosopher


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Albert Einstein
Physist & F'ing Genius


A belief is only a thought we keep thinking.
Inspirational Speaker & Author


“This is a big picture, holistic approach to developing a life plan that makes your business the centerpiece. We started out by focusing on how I can use my current assets to support my goals and then moved onto what changes I need to make in the future. I feel so much more confident and on track now.

Cathy M., High School Physics Teacher and Owner of a private tutoring business
August 2018


The Price of Compromise

The biggest challenge we face today is the constant urge to compromise ourselves in service of our careers. The daily pressure of the working world can be like a dripping faucet, slowly changing the shape of who we are. Over time, doing the things we think will make us successful and happy can erode us, leading us astray from our goals and who we were destined to become. Endless to-do lists and responsibilities hide the best gifts we have to offer, trapping us in a life where we no longer have the time or patience to make decisions based on intuition.

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